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M2M Omnichannel is no-code AI Chatbot and Live Chat Platform enabling
the best customer engagement experiences across multiple channels.

Deploy your bot on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and 10+ other channels
What we do

Empower your customers with immediate assistance through our cutting-edge AI chatbot technology


Enhance customer engagements using the sophisticated AI features of ChatGPT, providing tailored and informed discussions.

Outbound Bots

Take the initiative to connect and communicate with contacts through different platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and SMS.


Monitor, evaluate, and enhance the performance of all the KPIs for your chatbots in order to obtain practical and valuable information.

Live Chat

Easily handle customer communication through various channels and expand real-time assistance using Live Chat.

Chat Widget

Customize chatbot widgets to seamlessly integrate with the distinctive style and design of your brand.

Multilingual Bot

 Enhance global customer relationships by deploying your chatbot in over 50 languages for a multilingual audience.

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The Conversational
AI Platform that does it all

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Utilize your AI chatbot to establish a seamless customer experience across multiple channels. Your M2M Omnichannel chatbot facilitates engagement with customers across various platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and 10+ other channels.
M2M Omnichannel ChatBots
Conversational commerce, supporting API automation, and lead generation are all made possible with M2M Omichannel. There is a chatbot tailored for every purpose.
Live Chat
Increase revenue and enhance customer loyalty by tailoring every dialogue. Elevate your customer engagements with a smooth blend of automation and live human agents. 
Companies that trust us

 People love talking about their Conversational AI experience. It's a hot topic that everyone can't seem to get enough of

" The M2M Omnichannel Chatbot Automation tool has been a game-changer for us in handling multiple taxi bookings through WhatsApp. The automation features it offers through Autocab are truly impressive and have significantly boosted our efficiency, ultimately saving us valuable time. Our customers are thrilled with the enhanced service they experience when booking taxis through our new Cabco TaxiBot. "
" The M2M Omnichannel team has been extremely supportive in creating a personalized WhatsApp Cab chatbot to fit our business needs and providing a WhatsApp Chat Widget for our website. The implementation of the product went very well and the team made sure to meet our business requirements and deliver the product on time. The team has consistently worked to understand our business obstacles and offer us solutions. Overall, our experience with the M2M Omnichannel product and team has been outstanding thus far. "
"We discovered the M2M Omnichannel WhatsApp chatbot for booking taxis, and our experience with the brand has been excellent. The M2M Omnichannel Team has been incredibly helpful and ensured that all of our questions were promptly answered. Being completely inexperienced in the tech field, the process of building the chatbot was quite daunting, but the M2M Omnichannel team provided us with a live demonstration, which led us to quickly decide to purchase it. "
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